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Aaron 05-08-2002 04:20 PM

Anyone recognize these grips?
These grips came off my oddball 41 date Luger with an S/42 toggle, all matching numbers. Ralph Shattuck verified this to be a true out-of-sequence pistol as described by Still. There is also the possibility that it is an end of the war PX Luger. Another explanation is that it has a wartime factory replacement toggle which was numbered to match the gun. This is doubtful, since the number dies on the toggle exactly match the numbers on the rest of the gun. Anyway, it came with these black coarsely checkered Bakelite, not flimsy plastic grips. They fit perfectly, but they do not appear to be Russian rework type grips, and neither Ralph nor I seem to recognize them. Anyone seen them before?

Addicted 05-08-2002 04:29 PM

Re: Anyone recognize these grips?

I have a reddish brown pair just like them. They are from Eastern Europe. Notice how the checkering runs astray! I use my pair on my shooter luger.

Those out of sequence Lugers bother me greatly!! To much mix and matching going on out there!! Once it's done how will you ever know?

BCC 05-08-2002 04:35 PM

Re: Anyone recognize these grips?
I believe these grips to be a variety of the Russian Reworks, I have seen similar or identical grips on these pistols while at the importers. Most are the vertical groved type but about 10% (or less) was like these.

ps: does the firing proof on the breech block match the one on the receiver?

mlm 05-08-2002 06:04 PM

Re: Anyone recognize these grips?
These grips are commonly found on the mid-1990s import lugers.

Aaron 05-08-2002 07:17 PM

BCC asks a good question
Yes, the firing proofs match throughout. However, the tiny proof on the left of the forward toggle looks like an S/42 droop eagle, but the rest of the gun bears E/S proofs. There is evidence that the rear toggle has been ground and renumbered to match the gun. Also, the forward toggle numbers seem to have been overstamped with numbers to match the gun. I now believe this is either a factory replacement toggle (doubtful, since a replacement toggle should not have to be renumbered as it would be blank to begin with, or it is a PX gun. The droop eagle on the toggle is so tiny and hard to see, that it might be a Krieghoff mark which they put on their PX guns. If it is Krieghoff, why isn't it in all the other usual locations? Strange..............Maybe the damn thing is a Russian rework?

Orv Reichert 05-08-2002 08:54 PM

good question
Where did you buy the gun...and, how did the seller describe it?


Aaron 05-08-2002 10:21 PM

Re: good question
Bought it off a table at a little Arizona gun show. Seller knew absolutely nothing about Lugers. Came with near mint 1941 holster and two mint plastic bottomed FXO mags for $750.

Lonnie Zimmerman 05-08-2002 10:41 PM

Re: good question
Aaron; so the gun cost only about $100!! GREAT BUY!!


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