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SteveM 07-16-2022 08:35 AM

Navy Magazine
My friend at the lgs that I frequent called me a couple days ago and said they just got a 42/1940. I said put it back for me and I'll come in and take a look at it. They are not aficionados of the Luger but know that I am. I have gotten some decent examples through this shop. 1940 Mausers aren't that remarkable but you can never tell what you might find.

So I go in and look at it and as I figured just another run of the mill Mauser. Except for the I am not a Navy collector but know enough to be dangerous and not get involved with something I don't know a whole lot about. Which brings us to this mag that was in the 1940. It appears to me to be legit except it is not serial numbered but C/M marked. Were there Navy commercials marked in such a way is the question. What would the value be?

Norme 07-16-2022 09:07 AM

Hi Steve,
I am deeply prejudiced against "unnumbered armorer replacement Navy magazines" which were virtually unknown up to about 20 years ago and are now everywhere. That said, the one you show, and the circumstances in which it was located, are particularly credible. It's probably worth $200 to $300. That is NOT an offer.

SteveM 07-16-2022 09:48 AM

Thanks Norme.

Like you I am skeptical of some things Luger. But, as you said, the circumstances of this mag also lead me to believe that it is a good one. I may try and trade 'em out of it.

gunnertwo 07-16-2022 05:29 PM

If you get it, there are folks here that would buy the mag. Others here have mags that would be proper for the gun. I'm sure folks could offer a mag and $$ for the navy mag. I might be one.


Edward Tinker 07-16-2022 08:12 PM

I've offered another mag that is more correct and a bit of money for a mag I saw in a gun at a gun show (Chantilley I think). I saw a decent krieghoff mag, Offered the guy a wood based for his DWM and I think $100 - he did it but looked like I was crazy.
Of course, sometimes it seems when I offer a decent price, people think its worth a lot more.

gunnertwo 07-16-2022 08:25 PM


A common occurrence. I tend to think serious collectors tend to offer a fair or higher price for what they want. Sometimes the seller believes they are trying to "buy on the cheap".


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