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joncon 08-08-2022 07:09 PM

Price on Simson Luger
Thinking about selling my Simson Luger it's number 83 on the updated list and number 82 on the older list. It's listed as 93% blue 95% straw, numbers match except Eagle 63 mag.
What would be a good price to ask. Also would changing the mag to a Simson mag before selling it be worth the cost. I know where I can buy one for $360
Thanks for any help.

Edward Tinker 08-08-2022 09:53 PM

I'd need to actually know the serial number and see pictures.
I have pictures for serial number 777 and 782

my numbers on the left are simply keeping tracking of how many I have in my database.

If you have a simson mag that is 'close' it can make it worth it, but I don't believe $360 worth of value.

It depends on if you are trying to make it push over the amount you're looking for. But I don't think I'd worry that much about it.

joncon 08-08-2022 10:33 PM

The serial is 860 not sure on the mag number.

Edward Tinker 08-09-2022 12:47 AM

I don't have 860 on my listing - although I lost a dozen or more numbers in a hardware crash.
Can I get further info? Pictures?

here is my email

joncon 08-09-2022 08:31 AM

I'm sorry I wrote the number wrong, my gun is number 806, not 860. It's on your list.
And the Simson mag is number 442

joncon 09-22-2022 10:29 AM

Legacy sold the Simson Luger for me. Serial number 806

Edward Tinker 09-22-2022 02:50 PM


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