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jeb111 03-09-2022 02:23 PM

Primer tool
For years I used a Lee Auto primer and it worked great but after many years and countless rounds it finally wore out. I bought a new one last year and according to many reviews the new ones are junk compared to the original. Well those reviews are right. I spend a lot of time fighting feeding problems and would smash it to the floor but first need to find a decent replacement. Any recommendations?

rhuff 03-09-2022 03:28 PM

I have been using the Hornady Hand Held primer tool for a number of years now. I only use it for brass that I do not run through my Dillon 650 press. Like all tools, it takes a bit of time to become accustomed to how it works, but it does a nice job for me.

schutzen-jager 03-09-2022 04:24 PM

like most lee products but ,
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totally agree about the new model ones - got these at yard + estate sales for 2 or 3 dollars - will last me till i,m gone + then wife + kids will get to sell what's left at yard sale -

Major Tom 03-10-2022 09:27 AM

I use the Lee bench mount primer. Works flawlessly and is fast and saves the hand muscle aches.

jeb111 03-10-2022 09:52 AM

Wow schutzen-jager that's some forward thinking, smart. I loved the old style auto prime worked perfect and yes Major Tom your hands get a workout that's for sure. Just saw a couple of old style for sale on ebay, none to be had when I needed them though as usual. I might put a bid on one.

lugerholsterrepair 03-10-2022 12:34 PM

I use the lee and the problem with them is the quality of the metal. It is cast junk. It wears quickly or breaks or both. The roller that pushes up the primer ram is so soft it wears a groove in it that has to be ground away. When a primer turned crossways once I broke off a lever. It's pot metal with a pretty chrome coating.

I manage by keeping a tube of white lithium grease handy but it's IS cheap crap. If I were younger I might change to another system but as it is's working if I baby it.

jeb111 03-10-2022 12:54 PM

Your right Jerry, but my first one lasted for years through thousands of reloads. Maybe I got lucky the first time.

lugerholsterrepair 03-10-2022 01:09 PM

Jim, I have nursed my pile of Lee primer tools through thousands of loads as well. If Lee could make ONE change it would be to make the roller that pushes up the ram arm out of machined steel..It's just too soft to work without abnormal wear. Once you wear a groove in's hard to make it work. I think earlier sets may have been a higher quality? Maybe not too..Frequent white lithium grease..

schutzen-jager 03-10-2022 02:12 PM

only problem i've had with old style after over decades of use is the body cracked at shell holder groove - lee stopped selling any replacement parts for old style as soon as they came out with new model - ebay prices are crrently very high now on the old models -

lugerholsterrepair 03-10-2022 03:45 PM

the body cracked at shell holder groove J. B. WELD?

schutzen-jager 03-10-2022 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by lugerholsterrepair (Post 343457)
the body cracked at shell holder groove J. B. WELD?

j-b weld , several types of epoxy , + crazy glue would not hold at all - lots of pressure on top edge when pressing in a primer -

lugerholsterrepair 03-10-2022 07:01 PM

Lee says if you send them the broken part with 1/2 the price/payment of a new one they will replace it?

gunbugs 03-10-2022 08:22 PM

I just prime on the press. I don't care for the hand priming tools.

schutzen-jager 03-11-2022 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by lugerholsterrepair (Post 343459)
Lee says if you send them the broken part with 1/2 the price/payment of a new one they will replace it?

that only applies to current production items - they were out of any replacement parts for old model shortly after new model came out - i tried back then + they offered a small discount on new model -

Fla.Mallard 03-11-2022 02:02 PM

Parts shouldn't break .. plain and simple. I bought a cheap "C" press from them about 20 years ago. The pot-metal handle broke in half after 4 or 5 months of limited use. I threw it away and have not bought any more Lee cheap stuff except a 7.63 Mauser die set because I couldn't find one from Redding or RCBS. I use it sparingly and it functions OK.

Buyer beware of cheap crap.

Lyman seems to be forgetting how to use quality control and their customer service is the pits. They won't even respond to emails I have sent.

lugerholsterrepair 03-11-2022 04:55 PM

I recently had to call RCBS to find the rubber 0 rings for a bullet extractor collett/hammer. They immediately sent me a dozen no charge.

Ruger treated me the same too when I inquired about tiny screws to mount a pickatinny rail to my 10/22 rifle. Sent em for free.

Fla.Mallard 03-11-2022 05:52 PM

Good companies stand behind their products.

sheepherder 03-11-2022 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by lugerholsterrepair (Post 343468)
I recently had to call RCBS to find the rubber 0 rings for a bullet extractor collett/hammer. They immediately sent me a dozen no charge.

I had similar experience with RCBS. I had purchased their 'backpack reloading tool' and the tapped hole for the die was off-center. They exchanged the whole tool for free. Great tool! :thumbup:

Kiwi 03-11-2022 07:45 PM

I had great experience with Ruger.
The dry firing plastic disc for my revolver cracked
Wrote and asked availability and cost for replacement
Ruger sent two - free

Edward Tinker 03-11-2022 11:08 PM

I haven't reloaded in many years, although I have my reloading gear, and right now primers and powder are not available for a decent price (yes, Inknow, but I have lots of rounds already). I deprime and prime using my older 3 stage set - do you actually deprime or prime by hand?

Did you try a WTB for an older part? Or ebay or gunbroker? Can you tell by looking at it, if its older or newer?

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